Dune Daze

Being able to watch someone in their natural element, knowing that their confidence is high in anything they do, is always such a treat. Needless to say free riding is Tom Parsons’ element, and they both go hand in hand together. This day trip to the infamous Glamis dunes was as spontaneous as it gets. Late night conversations and lots of Mountain Dew were the spark to this trips fire. With Tom’s van pack to the gills we set off on a late night excursion to Brawley California, where we would rest our heads that night. With an early morning wake up call, the dunes were waiting for us. Meeting up with good buddy Brody Wilson and his Dad the day was set to be an unforgettable one. Watching Tom and Brody feed off each other was unreal, and they started to go off as the sun was setting. 




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